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salon-logo14th Ozone Zone International Photo Salon – Competition 2016
NOW CLOSED!  See the winners and accepted images. Thank you!

Our official, elegant flip-on catalogue of Ozone Zone International Photo Salon 2016 is ready!
Link to view on-line official catalogue of winning images

Promoting The Beauty of Our World and Positive Changes.

2016 Themes:
COLOUR open, MONOCHROME open, special theme: CHANGE, special theme: PORTRAIT and FINE NUDE.
PATRONAGES:  PSA 2016-285,  IUP 2016/030,  RPS 2016/65, and FIAP 2016/385
Win FIAP, PSA, IUP, RPS and Ozone Zone medals, ribbons, and big Cash Awards.
Win also FREE Pro accounts at 1X.com, and get your photos + interview in Dodho photo magazine!

Welcome to photographers’ preferred International Photo Salon.
A SALON THAT SHARES entry fees with winners using unique CASH AWARD SYSTEM!

In recent flood of new photo competitions one needs to make sure entering a salon makes sense and is a good, rewarding choice. Our esteemed participants confirm this is one of the most preferred international salons, and they return every year to enter. We invite you to join us too!

LOW entry fees and significant Cash Awards, something you rarely get these days.
Entries count toward FIAP,  PSA, and IUP distinctions.
NEW country on international photo scene – Dominica, Eastern Caribbean.
High judging standards and fine entrants.  Your photos will be among works of many established international photographers.
More medals and awards every year + recognition and exposure for winners. This year over 120 medals and awards!
We are ILFIAP – individual photo organization registered as FIAP member, therefore we have to comply with high professional standards set by FIAP.


Our international photography competition is open to all photographers, amateurs and professionals, young and old, from around the globe. Our goal is to promote fine, artistic photography with a positive message to the world. A good deed or act of kindness captured on a photo, a social change for better, a beautiful element of nature, a deeply moving portrait or a special moment in life, a pristine wildlife scene, or a conceptual art image created in studio, they all qualify as having a positive message. No hate or derogatory images belong here.
The interpretation of contest themes belongs to you. Just keep in mind Ozone Zone Photo Salon jury looks for images bringing hope, showing compassion, love, and touching your mind with their artistry and beauty. The beauty can be shown in all of its forms, from a bare beauty of our planet, to an abstract or portrait, to surreal work of art.


CHANGE theme is inspired by Dominica – our new host country. It is a small but beautiful and unspoilt Caribbean island, people call it “nature island”. Last year  Tropical Storm Erika pounded us badly, changing our little island’s landscape.  But guess what – Dominica may look different, but as beautiful as ever – or even more attractive due to Erika’s changes.  But the CHANGE theme is open to your interpretation. A change in life, in landscape, in situation, in mind of a photographer… Whatever CHANGE means to you, show it to the jury. Interpretation belongs to you.

Portrait and Fine Nude theme is also open to interpretation. From studio works, bodyscapes, to portraits and artistic explorations bordering on abstract – show us your best works involving human body. Both colour and monochrome images can be entered.

Open themes are, well, open. Anything can be entered as long as image originated as photograph. from a portrait, through abstract, architecture, surrealism, to still life. Just anything you think is good. Extensive computer manuipulation is permitted. Just adhere to Monochrome description by PSA and FIAP, if you enter a black and white image.
A positive feel and artistic value of entered images will be in focus of our jurors. We look forward to seeing your entries.

IUP Recognition Identification

Winning our Photography Contest would help you get the much needed recognition, and set your photography apart from the flood of photographs available on Internet. You may win BIG cash, but on top of receiving an award, you will gain public exposure and prestige. Winning images will be presented on our site as a photo gallery, on our blog, and as the art show presentation in Roseau, Dominica (West Indies). Press releases about winners will be published in various media and available on line. Our partners will give FREE Pro accounts (1x.com), and publish selected images along with interviews with authors (Dodho Magazine).

LOGO-FIAP-2016-What is so different about Ozone Zone Photo Awards?  We SHARE Entry Fees with Winners!
We are using a unique concept of Growing Awards. This means that you can win significant cash prizes, on top of medals and honorary awards. The amount of Cash Awards strictly depends on number of participants/entries.

More participants make the contest tougher to win, but $ prizes go quickly up to reflect your success! Sign up now to try your chances! You can win BIG! Up to massive $15,000 Grand Prix and $30,000 worth of Cash Prizes + Special Awards, FIAP, IUP, RPS and PSA Medals and Awards, and our Ozone Zone Medals.
Our LOW entry fee – perhaps the lowest for a Salon offering Cash Awards, remains same low for already 4 years!  More details in the Contest rules section.


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