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About Us


Ozone Zone is a Canadian-Dominican  publisher of artistic photography books (coffee table books) full of fine photography showing the real beauty of our world. Throughout the years we earned reputation for the highest quality publications and won international book awards. Our books get 5 star reviews and have history of getting on Amazon’s bestseller lists. At the end of 2014 we moved from Canada to Dominica, in the Eastern Caribbean. Therefore from 2015 our Salon is run from Dominica.
We are dedicated to promoting the beauty of our world and highlighting positive changes. Behind our photography stands a team of professional photographers and artists passionate about their work. This is why our photography coffee table books win international awards, including the prestigious Nautilus award given for “Better Books for a Better World contributing to to spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, green values, responsible leadership and positive social change as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspirational reading.”

We are passionate about photography, and about the beauty of our planet. Ozone Zone is also assisting Dominica’s photographers getting access to international photo community. Therefore in 2015 Ozone Zone registered as an independent photography organization under FIAP umbrella, so called ILFIAP organization. Through this, Dominican photographers already had a chance to successfuly participate and exhibit their works internationally as members of ILFIAP organization.

We also promote fine photography through our annual Ozone Zone International Photo Salon and Competition, This competition is chaired by Margaret Gajek, an art historian, writer and researcher specializing in fine arts.

Head of the jury is internationally acclaimed art/architecture/landscape photographer Derek Galon, M.A, FRPS, FOPS, a veteran with over four decades of experience, art education, and with an impressive portfolio of awarded and published images. Mr, Galon is passionate about creating and promoting fine photography, also running workshops and lecturing. The invited jury are experienced photographers, art experts, and artists, who themselves gained recognition, distinctions and awards for their works.

Winning our Photography Contest may help you get the much needed recognition and setting your photography apart from the flood of photographs available on Internet. You may win cash, but on top of receiving an award, you will gain public exposure and prestige helping you launch your photography to a new level. Winning images will be presented on our site as a photo gallery and in our blog, and as art slide shows presentation here in Roseau, Dominica.

Your image and name will stay on our site among other fine photographs, as a reference of your skills and success.

More information about publishing activity of Ozone Zone on www.ozonezonebooks.com
More information about Mr. Derek Galon on site www.artphotographyservices.com