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Here are general descriptions of all procedures.

How to begin

Click on Enter/Register page in top menu.

Read all info as it tells you about technicalities of your entries. You can use Translate option on left side.

If have already registered then simply login, using the user ID   you received when you registered.

If you have not yet registered then fill all info on the page, name, address, and so on. Click ATTACH IMAGES to go to next page.

Next page allows you to select, name and upload up to 4 photos in first section.
When you uploaded all photos OR if you don’t have photos for this section, click Upload/Next.
This will bring you to the NEXT SECTION page, and you can upload 4 more images to that section.
Repeat the procedure to go through all section.

After uploads you will go to the payment page. We accept Paypal, and you can use it even if you don’t have Paypal account.
You need to complete payment to have your photos accepted in our Salon.
After successful payment you will go back to our site and receive confirmation via email.
YOU CAN NOT change images after processing the payment. Only in exceptional situations our secretary can try to assist.

How to decide which photographs to enter

We recommend that you make all your decisions about which photographs to enter by reviewing your photographs in the normal way, perhaps asking friends from photo club or others.

Come back to the competition uploading system once you are happy with the choices you have made. At the same time we recommend that you also decide on what your title text will be before you go into the system to upload.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR IMAGE FILES A SPECIFIC NAME OR NUMBER.  That will be changed by our system. But please don’t use special characters (such as @#$%!  etc.) in titles and names as it may jam uploading system.

A good title is precise and to the point, short, and will add something to the photograph.

If you are not sure which category to enter, take a look at the information we have provided on each category.

You should use these descriptions as a guide to the kinds of themes the judges will look for. You do not need to follow them to the letter – but if you decide to ignore them the judges may think your photograph does not illustrate the theme – however good the photograph is. So it’s good idea to have these descriptions in the back of your mind.

You can upload up to 4 single images in a single category  for $13 in US Dollars. ($10 for early Bird period).

Note that you do not have to enter your photographs at the same time as paying. However, entered images without payment WILL NOT be processed and will not enter the competition.

How to prepare your photographs for entering

When preparing your images please follow these recommendations and please bear in mind that we cannot take responsibility for the technical aspects of your entry – it is entirely the photographer’s responsibility.

Once you have entered your photograph, you will have the option of changing it for a different one for up to seven days after the initial entry; you can change the caption and description text up to the close of the competition. See Reviewing your enteries .

Format: Only images saved in JPEG format can be used Preferred colour space is sRGB

Size: Images should be maximum 1920×1080 pixels and 2 MB per image. Please make sure you do not submit any larger files, as they may be rejected.

If the files get corrupted in uploading, they may clog up the system and are liable to be deleted by the system administrators. If this happens, they will have disappeared from your My Images page. See  Reviewing your entries.

If you are shortlisted yopu may be askedto supply image files in original size, to be used for photo print exhibition. A file size between 5 and 15 mb would enable us to make larger prints if desired. (8 bit, Adobe RGB 1998 or sRGB colour space). Hi Res uncompressed JPG files are acceptable. You can decline exhibiting prints.

Getting advice on preparing your photographs

We can not offer advice on general computer issues or general digital photography concepts, for example, explaining pixels or how to reduce a photograph’s size.

There is a huge amount of information on the internet on these issues, as well as books and manuals of all kinds. The Help section of your imaging software would provide most answers.

It is not necessary to own Photoshop to prepare your photographs; almost any imaging software can modify a file’s dpi setting and dimensions.

If shortlisted and selected,  we will professionally prepare your files for printing.

Digital manipulation

Digital manipulation by software such as Photoshop is allowed. However, please be careful not to try to pass off a manipulated effect as a natural phenomenon.

To take an extreme example, if you enter a photograph of an African Hippo in an European garden where the hippo has been pasted in to the original image, then avoid claiming in the caption or text description that this is a natural photograph. If you enter the hippo photograph, making it clear that the image is a fantasy or artificial, then this will be judged solely on artistic merit regardless of the amount of manipulation.

When you are ready, click Upload images, and you will see a progress bar showing the file being uploaded. For a correctly prepared file, this should not take very long.

Now you can see the file you uploaded onto your My Images page, in a grid of thumbnails on the page.
Thumbnails can look a little distorted as they fit the page grid, this is normal. Your full size image is intact.

If you can see the photograph thumbnail there, then be assured that this means it is on our system and that it has been received correctly. There is no need to contact us for confirmation. The visual confirmation is all you need.

How to review your entries

You can review the photographs you have entered. You can not change your uploaded images after payment.

It is always a good idea to check your images before processing payment, particularly if you encountered any problems uploading your file. If your file was very big – and therefore slow to upload – it may be deleted by the system administrators. We would always try to inform you if this is the case, but if it is near the end of the competition this might not get through to you.

Thank you – and good luck!